Youth Online programs 

Arabic is coming to you!

ARABIC special online program for YOUR KIDS!

No Weekend school, NO WORRIES!

Enjoy learning Arabic from home!

Saturday Program

  • Total hours: 18 contact hours
  • Additional homework assignments during the week to stay connected and maximize the educational benefits
  • Start date: Saturday 2nd of January, 2021
  • End date: Saturday 20th of March, 2021
  • Class’s days: 1.5 hours every Saturday
  • Class time options: 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm (Jordan time)
  • Tuition fees: 230 USD

6:00 pm Jordan Time = 10:00 am USA Central Standard Time = 4:00 pm UK Time

Programs additional info:

  • Interactive classes taught by specialized native Arabic speakers teachers.
  • The program fees include: textbooks which are chosen by Wafid Institute, including shipping fees to the USA and to the UK &  European union countries

* Additional shipping fees for the other countries, for details please contact us at 

  • All Arabic Levels are available
  • Each Contact/Classroom hour consists of 50 minutes of teaching and a 10-minute break
  • Student capacity per classroom: maximum of 10 students. Minimum of 3 students per level for each course

*If the number of students is less than 3, it is considered as a semi-private class, where the duration of each lesson will be reduced by 25% 

  •  Different classroom times are customizable for 3 and more students of the same Arabic level

Friends and relatives simultaneously enrolling* are eligible for a 10% discount.

* enrollment must include full payment for any desired course by all registering participants.


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