ARABIC special online program for YOUR KIDS!


Enjoy learning Arabic from home!

Weekday Program

  • Total hours: 22 contact hours. Over the course of 4 weeks.
  • Class’s days: 1.5 hours daily, 4 days a week. Monday to Thursday.
  • Start date: Monday 5th of July, 2021
  • End date: Thursday 29th of July, 2021
  • Tuition: $270 per month

* No classes at the first day of Eid al-Adha holiday (Estimated on the 20th of July)

Weekend Program

  • Total hours: 18 contact hours. Over the course of 4 weeks.
  • Class’s days: 2 hours daily, twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Start date: Saturday 3rd of July, 2021
  • End date: Saturday 31st of July, 2021
  • Tuition: $230 per month

Both programs include a FREE subscription on the Kutubee online Arabic reading platform with teacher supervision during the program. Kutubee is an exciting interactive Arabic reading platform for kids. More details about this wonderful platform on the following link, also a short video about Kutubee

Programs additional info:

  • Interactive classes taught by specialized native Arabic speakers teachers.
  • For new students the program fees include: textbooks which are chosen by Wafid Institute, including shipping fees to the USA and to the UK & European union countries (Additional shipping fees for the other countries, for details please contact us at
  • All Arabic Levels are available
  • Additional homework assignments during the week to stay connected and maximize the educational benefits
  • Classes’ time: the classes start at 10:00 am (USA Central Standard Time CST). Different times are customizable for 3 and more students of the same Arabic level.
  • Number of students per online classroom: maximum of 10 students. Minimum 3 students, but if the number of students is less than 3, it will be considered semi-private and the duration of each lesson will be reduced by 25% of the class time.
  • Each Contact/Classroom hour consists of 50 minutes of teaching and a 10-minute break

Friends and relatives simultaneously enrolling* are eligible for a 10% discount.

* Enrollment must include full payment for any desired course by all registering participants.

Arabic is coming to you!