Tuition (USD)

Semester Program (Long Term Courses)

for the Spring & Fall (14 weeks)

Total of 240 contact/classroom hours*

Semester Program (Long Term Courses)

for the Summer (8 weeks)

Total of 160 contact/classroom hours*

Monthly Intensive Courses (4 weeks)

Total of 80 contact/classroom hours*


Private Tutoring**

$35 per hour (one-on-one tutoring) and

$45 per hour (two-on-one, for a student pair).

Supplementary Courses

You will be notified at the beginning of the first week. Please contact us for more details.

*Each Contact/Classroom hour consists of 50 minutes of teaching and a 10 minute break for warming up and cooling off.

**A minimum commitment of two hours required per day.


The Tuition Fee includes:

  • The cost of textbooks and other course materials, as long as students are using the books chosen by Wafid Institute.
  • A native-speaker language partner, within a group, for 4 hours weekly (on average) to practice your language skills.
  • The core programs also include one trip outside of Amman and another short trip to the city. Note: Our trips cover only the cost of the transportation. Any entrance fees, meals, entertainment or additional costs are the responsibility of the student.
  • Access to our on-campus Wifi Network.
  • Certificate of Program Completion from Wafid Arabic Institute.
  • Visa extension within an applicable legal time frame. Please check Travel and Visas section for more information.
  • A one-time complimentary free airport pick-up for students who arrive in Amman for the first time, to make their travel hassle-free. Please Note: You are required to inform us about your flight details in advance to reserve pick-up. Click here to inform us.
  • Placement test and registration fees.


Additional Options for Groups (with prior arrangements):

  • Certificate of Completion by a Jordanian University based on the current educational partnerships we have. Please note that Certificates from outside universities and institutions requires an additional administrative fee of $150. Students will have to meet the requirements set by the partner University in order to graduate successfully from the course.
  • Students opting to obtain the Certificate of Completion from our partners may also apply for a Student Iqaama (Student Residency Permit), which includes all of the official health exams that you are required to receive. The Student Iqaama has an additional cost of $320 (this covers the Certificate of Completion fee, as well).


General Notes

  • The week rolls from Sunday to Thursday. Students will have a maximum of four teaching hours daily for their core program.
  • A maximum of 15 students per class (average is 10 students, with the exception of the summer term).
  • Main Programs are for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Ammiya (Colloquial Jordanian Dialect) is introduced in our main programs, but not covered in depth. Students who wish to have a more comprehensive study of Ammiya may do so with prearrangement with the appropriate staff.
  • Accommodation is not covered by the tuition fee. Please check Housing Overview for more information.


Available Discounts

  • Friends and relatives simultaneously enrolling and paying the tuition fee at the same time, for any course, are both eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Any student registering and paying upfront for multiple terms will enjoy a 10% discount on all courses.
  • Returning students within the same year will receive a 10% discount on the new courses.
  • Students committing to more than 30 hours of Private Tutoring are eligible for special discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.
  • Additional discounts are available for Groups, Educational Institutes, and Universities. Please contact us for more information.


*Students are eligible for only one discount at a time; discounts cannot be combined.

**Discounts are only applicable to our Core Program’s tuition. Discounts on supplementary courses or activities do not apply.

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