The word Wafid in Arabic means ‘a newcomer’ or ‘an expatriate’ and refers to someone who has arrived in a new land with hopes and dreams of reaching great heights.

Wafid Arabic Institute is the home ground of Arabic learning for all those who have moved away from their homes in the search of a successful career elsewhere. The focus at Wafid is not only to guide its students to master Arabic, but also to provide them with an environment where they can settle in comfortably and thrive as individuals and professionals.

Wafid’s programs and curriculums have been prepared in cooperation with our sister organization Noorart (USA), which has decades of experience in Arabic language curriculums for non-native speakers in the West. Additionally, our various educational partnerships with prominent academic institutes and universities, strengthens our curriculum and program facilitation, allowing us to offer the very best in Arabic language acquisition.

Our core programs range from 1 to 18 months, offering varying degrees of in-depth Arabic studies that enable students to master the language, laying the foundation for successful careers in many fields, such as Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. In addition, we also offer supplementary courses to our students that will strengthen their command of the Arabic language and enable them to gain complete mastery in a short period of time.

Wafid Arabic Institute is strategically located in Amman, Jordan. This unique environment provides students with valuable opportunities to interact with locals whose dialect is considered one of the closest dialects to the Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic). Another tremendous advantage that students have here, at Wafid Institute, is that English serves as a second language to many of the local residents of Amman. This ensures that our students share a common linguistic bond with the locals, providing a more gradual and comfortable transition into the Arabic speaking world.

Jordan is also one of the safest countries in the Middle East, as it has been able to successfully shield itself from the political, economic and social unrest that is currently taking place in its neighboring countries. We at Wafid ensure the safety of all our students and promise them a warm and memorable stay here at Amman.

Our campus is in the Khalda area on Wasfi al-Tal (Gardens) Street, Amman.

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