Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), one of the six official languages of the United Nations, is used as the formal academic and conversational language throughout the Middle Eastern and North African regions. It serves as a common medium of language in a land where the array of different Arabic dialects abounds. Thus, Modern Standard Arabic is used by most media sources for the disbursement of news. Lectures, religious preachings and speeches are also made in MSA for the purpose of mass media telecasts.

Knowledge of MSA is of extreme value for all those who are involved in cross-border communication or are planning to enter a global workforce.

Our course, at Wafid we will begin by introducing you to the technical and conceptual tools that are necessary to learn the language. After which, we will focus on a more practical approach where MSA’s translational, compositional, and oral aspects will be taught in order to enable you to have advance conversations in the Arabic language. Relevant material from magazines, television, and radio recordings will also be provided to further strengthen your proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic

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