In order to better understand Arabic, there are a few hacks every Arabic learner agrees on; today we bring them to you to improve your journey with Arabic.

First tip: be present

When learning Arabic, it is helpful to not think too far ahead. The Arabic language is a sea of vocabulary, where there are many words to describe, a lot more than English. Try to stay away from focusing on how many words there are, instead, think of how many words you can attain and use successfully.

Second tip: Be comfortable with not speaking right

When people start learning Arabic, it is evident that they are intimidated of using the language. Especially that the letters and sounds are very foreign too plenty of languages out there. We all have the fantasy of being fluent speakers in no time, but it is easier said than done. Therefore, feel confident in speaking what you know, and be sure that you will be getting all the help you need.

Third trip: improve your listening skills

Remember to lend an ear to the native speakers. Listening attentively is key to learning about pronunciation and sentence structure. In addition to that, do not be afraid of ashamed of asking the speaker to repeat their sentences slower and clearer. This will give you a chance to hear clearer and repeat it in your head. I understand that one might be eager to practice, but do not be too hasty, you will get there in time.