Housing Overview

We understand that Housing is a major concern for all new students who are planning to study overseas. To ease your concerns, we have a dedicated team of Housing Specialists who will be able to assist you every step of the way! Our services range from placing you in a house in close proximity to the campus, finding an ideal flatmate to stay within your budget, or providing an advice and guidance for students who would like to arrange housing on their own.

While Housing Assistance is not common of most private institutes in Amman, at Wafid we feel it is our responsibility to assist you in every aspect of your travel experience, ensuring that the non-academic details of your trip are taken care of so that you may focus on your studies and excel in the Program.

While we do not offer on-campus living accommodations, our Housing Specialists are dedicated to assisting you in securing residential options, within our vicinity, that are safe and appropriate to meet your needs. For most students with limited budget looking for affordable options, we are able to locate a clean and comfortable, fully-furnished apartment at very reasonable rate. Based on your budget, you can select from shared room, single room within an apartment, or a private studio. If you are interested in different or superior accommodations, please contact us for details on alternatives and prices. Please submit this form if you would like assistance with your housing arrangements. Based on the season, availability and pricing, we will contact you shortly with available options.

If you’d prefer to arrange your own accommodations, you can search independently for apartments on various international websites such as www.airbnb.com or www.expatriates.com or local websites such as www.amman-apartments.com. However, we strongly recommend that students visiting Jordan for the first time stay for a few months to get acclimated before considering setting up their own accommodations at a later date.

A word of caution: Most Jordanians are extremely warm-hearted people. You’ll often find them going out of their way to help you. However, to be on the safer side, students are advised to be extra cautious when dealing with landlords on their own. Please insist upon having a written contract rather than an oral agreement. Some landlords speak English, others may not, please consider this point before searching and when finalizing a contract. If you face any difficulties, please reach out to us, we are here to help you as much as possible. 

It is not always easy for students visiting Jordan for the first time to find appropriate accommodations that are both close to our campus and affordable at the same time. We have created this guide to make it easier for the students in our program to find suitable accommodations. Whether you book your accommodations through Wafid or search for lodging on your own, it’s important that you know what key factors to consider when making arrangements.

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve encountered with students booking their own accommodations is the renting out of units that are unusually inexpensive, then their being very disappointed by the poor quality accommodations, unexpected fees, and unreliability of amenities. It’s important to investigate all of the features of a unit before paying a deposit or signing a rental agreement. When you book your accommodations directly through Wafid, we try to make this process much easier for you.

Once you are ready to study and confirm your courses, we will help you more to find the best available options at that time at best prices (based on the season, course length and availability). To guarantee these prices it should be booked and prepaid at least one month before arrival.


Accommodation Prices Estimates:

Duration Semester Program Spring & Fall (14 weeks) Semester Program Summer (8 weeks) Monthly
(4 weeks)
3 weeks 10 days
Room Type Private Room Shared Room Private Room Shared Room Private Room Shared Room Private Room Shared Room Private Room Shared Room
(Jun – Sept)
 **  **  $1,750  $1,650  $800  $600  $700  $500  $400  $300
Non-Summer  $2,800  $2,100  **  **  $570  $390  $480  $330  $280  $200


Notes for accommodation prices:

  • Aforementioned prices are for one person for the related length of time.
  • The accommodations will include a clean, furnished apartment, studio, or all-female dorm (based upon availability), located in an appropriate and safe neighborhood. If you are interested in different or deluxe accommodations, please contact us for details on alternatives and pricing.
  • Shared rooms are based upon availability (e.g. male vs. female, number of students interested for that session, etc.)
  • Private rooms will usually be in studios or in all-female student dormitories.
  • Special discounts for large groups are available on a case-by-case basis, depending on available options at the time of confirmed reservation.
  • If two students are enrolling for the same session and decide to book shared accommodations together, pricing can be further discounted.
  • Special discounts are available for longer periods.
  • The above prices include: Utilities (water & electricity), A/C, Internet, Administrative Fees for Complex and “Haris.” Utilities usage subject to fair/normal use (especially for A/C usage). Without including utilities, pricing is significantly discounted, but if you pay for utilities separately (e.g. water, electricity, internet) you will end up paying much more than package price.
  • The following might be available but is not guaranteed: Basic Kitchen Essentials (appliances, utensils, tools), Towels, Shampoo, and Cleaning Room Service during the stay. These amenities depend upon available options for the specific accommodations chosen at the time of confirmed reservation.
  • The accommodations will be close to the Institute, either walking distance or with inexpensive public/private transportation paid for by the student. Accommodations nearness to campus depend upon available options at the time of confirmed reservation.

Please submit this form if you would like Wafid team to make your housing arrangements during your attendance in our program. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more details please contact us at housing@wafid.co.

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