Frequently Asked Questions

Semester Program (Long Term Courses)


  • 14 weeks (approximately 3.5 months) and a total of 240 contact/classroom hours for spring and fall semester.
  • 8 weeks (approximately 2 months) and a total of 160 contact/classroom hours for summer semester.

This flagship program of Wafid Arabic Institute is designed to help you study, in-depth, the many nuances of the Modern Standard Arabic, the language as it is spoken in the contemporary discourse of the Arab region. In order to immerse our students in an exceptionally cultural and practical learning experience with the native speakers, our coursework includes plenty of extracurricular activities, vacations and field trips to prominent locations of Jordan.

Monthly Intensive Courses

Duration: 4 weeks (approximately one month) and a total of 80 contact/classroom hours.

In addition to the Quarterly Program (Short Term/Semester), Wafid Arabic Institute offers Monthly Intensive Courses that accommodate students with limited time and busy schedules, who are willing to put forth the extra effort required in a more intensive course. At the end of the course, you will also have the option to move up to our Quarterly program after taking a short placement exam to test your proficiency.

Private tutoring

our regular tuition $35 per hour (one-on-one tutoring), but if you register and prepay for 40 hours or more we can offer you 35% special discount, so net per hour will be $22.75

How will I benefit from the private tutoring course?

  • You accomplish more in less time and cost effective
  • You focus to learn exactly what you want! You may consider it for the first month/s, or mix and match with group classes
  • Very flexible (on the other hand, Quarterly and Monthly courses you have to stick to the academic calendar)

* For group courses, our cap is 15 students per class, with a minimum 4 students. Certain levels have fewer students than capacity (less than 4 students), in that case and per our educational advisor’s instructions, the small group becomes into “semi-private lesson” instead of our regular group classes. We are committed to covering the same educational material (if not more!) but we reduce the teaching hours per the following;

  • 20% if we have three students only
  • 30% if we have two students only
  • 50 % if we have one student only

Please keep in mind that with semi-private lessons:

    • We assure you that you will get the same educational material in the semi-private classes (reduced hours) as if you were registered for the group courses at full capacity
    • Private tutoring (one to one) 1 hour is the equivalent of 3 to 4 hours in full capacity group classes
    • Students will receive “extra homework” in semi-private lessons and will have more time to interact with other students in the class

Special Programs

These specialized short-term programs are designed for busy students with limited time who wish to learn Arabic in a shorter time span while still enjoying their visit to Jordan. The short-term courses offer various enrichment activities, culture trips, local transportation and accommodations, and much more.

Please click to see full details of each of the special programs

Online Programs

Wafid Arabic institute offers special online Arabic programs, suitable for all levels and ages. This service targets those who cannot fly to Jordan to enjoy our programs. Wafid programs can now come to you.

Program I: Special (Varied) (one to one or one to group)

The student will study in this program varied material, according to their needs and specialization. This program does not adhere to any level or a number of specific hours. Students will select their desired curriculum, including Al-Asas, Wafid’s main curriculum.

Prices and discounts:

        • $30 per hour (one-on-one tutoring)
        • $40 per hour (two-on-one, for a student pair)
        • $45 per hour (three-on-one, for the three)

(If there are 4 or more students of same level and request a class at same time the per hour fees will be $55)

Program II: Live Webinars for Special Subjects (package):

The students in this program will study specific and announced topics, to be covered in a certain number of hours, sufficient to cover the topics presented and collectively. Students will get a chance to discuss and communicate with the rest of the students and the instructor to achieve ultimate benefit.

Program III: Complete Levels Programs (Curriculum: Al-Asas Book)

This program is suitable for direct teaching; where students can access the classes at their desired time, and then attend a live session with the instructor to exchange information, answer questions, and discuss the covered material. This program is divided into two levels at Wafid Arabic Institute; Novus (beginners) and Advanced.

Wafid Arabic Institute does not offer housing for students who are registered for the following courses; semester program, monthly program, and private tutoring. Yet we offer housing assistance where we can provide a list of suitable housing options that best suits you.

If you are registered for one of our Special Intensive Programs, then your program includes housing.
For more info; check our housing page

Most students get a one-month visa at the airport upon arrival, which is presently priced at 40 JD ($56 US). There is a currency exchange booth at the Amman airport for you to conveniently exchange your own currency to the local Dinar. This entry visa is then extended to cover up to 6 months, if needed. Wafid Arabic Institute will assist you with your visa extensions and you may ask the staff any of your related questions.

In the case you leave Jordan and return, the mentioned procedure begins anew.

You can refer to the MOI website for further information

The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been tailored for visitors. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip visiting top sights and attractions whilst saving time, money, and efforts.

Benefits of obtaining a Jordan Pass;

            • Hassle-free entry to over 40 of Jordan’s tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and much more
            • The cost of your tourist entry visa is included in the pass
            • Free downloadable digital brochures covering all of Jordan’s tourist attractions

Wafid Arabic Institute does not offer transportation for students who are registered for the following courses; semester program, monthly program, and private tutoring. Yet, transportation in Jordan is accessible and easy to get. You can always order an Uber or a Careem (Middle East car service) or you can hop into a local cab (yellow cab) that will simply take you anywhere you like. You can also opt to selecting local transportation such as the white cab “serveese” or busses.

If you are registered for one of our Special Intensive Programs, then your program includes transportation from and to your residence to classes and vise versa, trip transportation is also included

We teach our students “Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers.” Please follow this link to more information about curriculum: https://www.noorart.com/Al-Asas-for-Teaching-Arabic-for-Non-Native-Speakers-Set (Noorart is our sister company in USA). You can browse up to 100 inner pages online. This book is adopted by some universities and institutes in Amman, USA and worldwide.

Usually, all Wafid programs begin on the first of each month. It is key to note that Friday and Saturday are formal holidays in Jordan. If the first day of any month is a Friday or a Saturday, then the targeted course will consequently start on a Sunday.

Special Programs have fixed dates and do not necessarily begin on the first of every month.

We do not have a scholarship program, but we still can assist you in getting a great discount if you follow our referral policy. Every friend that registers through you, during your study period at Wafid, you will receive 10% off your fees. For example, if you come to Wafid with 5 of your friends, then you will get 50% off your tuition fees

Going on a trip with Wafid will ensure linguistic and cultural emersion that you desire, as you join the Wafid family for a trip, make sure to have the following;

            • Comfortable shoes or sneakers – you will be walking a lot (activities, field trips, and sightseeing)
            • Sun block lotion is a must in Jordan – During the month of July, temperatures can rise up to mid-30’s C°, you would want to keep your skin safe. https://www.accuweather.com/en/jo/amman/221790/july-weather/221790
            • personal hygiene necessities for long trips – as you join Wafid for the long distance and overnight trips, we highly recommend you have personal hygiene necessities, such as; wet wipes and hand sanitizers will go a long way
            • comfortable wear – there will be a lot of walking and sightseeing – make sure you are dressed in something comfortable and easy to travel in, we highly recommend cotton and linen wear as they are the best during the summer
            • Stay hydrated – make sure you have a water bottle on you at all times
            • Backpack to hold your necessities and important belongings
            • Sunglasses
            • Hats or sun visors
            • Scarf or bandana
            • Travel pillow for those who get weary from all the commuting
            • Toiletry necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, facial wash, deodorant, cologne/perfume, shaving kit or razors, facial tissues, travel towel)

As for your overnight trips, you will need all the above in addition to the following;

            • Comfortable pajamas
            • A change of clothes and undergarments
            • Extra pair of comfortable shoes
            • swim suit (Aqaba trip)
            • Portable phone charger

If you need medication, kindly make sure that you have enough during your stay in Amman, Jordan (3 weeks)
Wafid welcomes you to its summer family and wishes you the great experience of a lifetime

Regarding your options for gluten free shops in Amman, here are some to help you make better and healthier choices;


7th Circle

+962 (6) 5501240

Location on Google Maps

Kilograms Diet Shop

between Abdallah Ghoasheh Street and Mecca Street (below Fitness One – Mecca Street)

+962 77 614 03 03

Location on Google Maps

Miles Supermarket

Mecca Mall – Mecca Street

+962 (6) 5853444

Location on Google Maps

Bifrost Oven

40, Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman

+962 (6) 4641312

Location on Google Maps

Beat Tha Wheat

Mecca St. Amman

+962 (79) 087 6721

Location on Google Maps

Al Sufara Bakery

Ali Nassouh At-Taher St. 17, Amman

+962 (6) 581 7989

Location on Google Maps

Wafid Arabic Institute offers online courses, where you can take classes according to your desired timetable. You can learn Arabic anytime.

Check the following Link

Fortunately the healthcare facilities in Jordan are progressive. You will find most centers clean and hygienic, the staff is friendly and professional. The cost will vary depending in the health care facility you select to be treated at. An outpatient clinic will charge about 20 JDs to 30 JDs per visit. There are also emergency and 24 hour services available. Most students do not purchase health care insurance, but if you do have healthcare, you can ask your provider for international coverage. Wafid has administration employees that will assist you in the case of an emergency.

Jordanians are hospitable people by nature and extremely friendly. It is seldom that you pass asking for directions and you are not invited over for something to eat or a cup of coffee or tea. This demeanor is deeply rooted in all Arab nationals’ sense of generosity and hospitality to others. Be that as it may, you will also witness that Jordan and Jordanians are more liberal than their Arab counterparts. It is true that Amman might still have areas that enjoy the antiquity of the past, but you will witness that most areas of Amman are very cosmopolitan.
While you might find it foreign to be asked about your personal life, Jordanians do so to show their interest in you on a human level. So do expect to be asked if you were single or not and if you how many kids you have.

Dress modestly, revealing or showing of full legs and stomach is still unacceptable practice in the Jordanian community.

Amman is fairly safe, most have not witnessed any verbal or physical harassment of any sort. We advise that you do not travel alone after 10 PM, it is best if you are with friends or trusted locals as you roam around Amman discovering it.

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