Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at Wafid Arabic Institute believe that a healthy intercultural interaction lies at the heart of an international education in linguistics. This intercultural interaction should further increase the students’ competence in relating and reacting appropriately in different situations, providing students with a unique cultural sensitivity that enables them to get along well, learn easily and work harmoniously with the local residents.

Wafid retains teaching professionals with impressive linguistic competence and an exceptional foundational understanding of how the Arabic language works. Our faculty operates as a compact and closely-knit group of enthusiastic individuals who actively endeavor to make improvements and innovations in teaching practices that are in the interest of both the students and the teachers. We encourage our faculty to stay well-informed in applied Arabic by participating in contemporary discourse of the Arabic language for non-native speakers through regular meetings, conferences, conventions ensuring an in-depth understanding of what is current, not just culturally but also socially and socio-economically. We make it a top priority that our faculty is aware of what is happening in the world around us and is able to relate and discuss that information with their students in the class on a regular basis. Besides their proficiency in general pedagogy, different teaching methodologies and categories of learners, our teachers also understand the specific requirements and challenges of successfully learning the Arabic language. 

Our steadfast commitment to a high level of specialization and professionalism is reflected in Wafid’s organizational structure. The Educational Supervisor at Wafid carefully selects and oversees our highly-qualified teachers, trainers and private tutors. He and his team are responsible for the management of academic programs and the related day-to-day affairs. A dedicated Administration Department takes care of the students’ non-educational needs, such as accommodations, sightseeing, extracurricular activities, and airport pick-up.  All of our staff are easily approachable and are willing to help you in every step of your way.

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