It is not a secret that Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, moreover, it is a religious and historical centre for many religions. It is usually described as a surreal and vivacious city, holy to Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. Jerusalem is as exceptional as it is different. If you are visiting this magnificent place for the first time, a tour is simply a must. With so much to see and know, having a knowledgeable guide with you is essential.

Old City from the Mount of the Olives

The Old City of Jerusalem is full of the historic and religious rudiments that make this city so distinct. In only a one-square-kilometre area, you will find central relics to all three major religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. A great overview of the Old City can be seen from the Ramp arts Walk. The Old City of Jerusalem simply cannot be excluded from your tour.

You will be welcomed with exquisite and genuinely Arab cuisine which is easily accessed anywhere in the Souk area. The city also holds numerous shops and establishments you would expect anywhere else around the world. But, in Jerusalem, every inch is worth your visit.

Jerusalem is not all old, though. There is a modern side to it. The present-day centre of Jerusalem is a pedestrian friendly area that contains a large selection of restaurants, cafes, stores, and hotels. Often forgotten, Jerusalem’s nightlife is actually exciting and offers a totally different experience of the city.

There is a captivating collection of museums in Jerusalem, some of which complete a visit to the city. These museums will entertain you for hours and hours on end. There is plenty to learn and discover when you are in Jerusalem.

Ultimately, Jerusalem is like no other place in the world, a city where old and new collide together in the most harmonious and exquisite way possible. Jerusalem, the ‘City of Gold’ is somewhere beyond justification, and no description is possibly going to do it right. You must visit personally to witness the magic of this city and what is has to offer and share.