Overall Wafid is an excellent program, it is exactly as advertised, intensive and immersion..

I appreciate that the teachers and staff worked to create a sense of camaraderie with them and among the students; this was accomplish not only during our trips but in the classroom as well.

The socializing was an important factor as well. Lessons were comprised not only of grammar, vocabulary and textbook, but teachers used role player, games and videos to help us converse and think practically in the Arabic language.

Also, the staff is immensely positive, welcoming and professional!

Noor S.

The program overall was a great way to experience the cultural side of things. The learning side is also very good; I was satisfied with the way in which activities were communicated.

Overall, everybody was helpful for the most part, but I would like to give a special thanks to the language partners for all their efforts they have gone above and beyond to make the trips and activities a great experience for me.

Christine C.

As a female solo traveler, I couldn’t think of a better way to experience learning Arabic. I was quite nervous at first but the student’s affair coordinator re-assured me that everything would be arranged for me and it is very safe especially for women.

My teacher taught me a lot and made each Arabic class enjoyable, the whole Wafid team is very welcoming and made me feel at home.

In couldn’t recommend the program enough, it is amazing! I’m looking forward to returning.

Saira M.

My Arabic has improved greatly and my experience with Wafid institute generally excellent.

Lucas O.

Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed my 2nd trip in Jordan with Wafid, It was a great experience; I think Wafid has really improved its program in two years. I learned a lot of things and I improved my Arabic.

Yasmeen B.

I benefited a lot from the program. I have learned a lot of words and secured grammar. I have visited places like Petra which I was always learning about.

The Wafid team was incredibly, friendly and helpfully. Both teams of academics and administrative were making us feel at home.

Zsigmond A.

I love Wafid, it was a great experience defiantly will study here next year if I’m here in Jordan, I love the classes, activities and different trips.

Zaina A.

My experience at Wafid exceeded my expectations. My Arabic language skills improved in only 3 weeks. The teachers were amazing and engaging, and the staff was eager to make my stay comfortable.

Sophia R.

Wafid Institute Testimonial Learn Arabic - Selvia

Wafid Institute Testimonial Learn Arabic - HSIAO MEI LIN

I just finished my intensive 80 hours program and I highly recommend Wafid Institute for its outstanding organization and superb team. From the registration process on, everything is smooth and highly professional. I have been very impressed by the quality of the teaching, the continuous attention to the students, and the support provided. Thanks a lot! I am looking forward to join for other classes!

Myriam B.

Wafid Institute Testimonial Learn Arabic - Franzi

Wafid Institute Testimonial Learn Arabic - Lisa

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Camilla

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Jackob

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic – Rasheed

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic – Connor

Thank you very much for all the support. My experience was great at Wafid Arabic Institute. I extremely appreciate your cooperation and flexibility to my work schedule and hectic timetable. The Wafid team teachers and staff act like one closely knit entity.

Thomas F.

Since day one, the staff at Wafid Arabic Institute had welcomed me into the “Wafid Family” with open arms. They went out of their way to ensure that I was safe, comfortable, and settled in well. Due to the fact that that I had private classes, Wafid staff were even more accommodating towards me and would always communicate with me on my preferences. The staff always encouraged me to speak Arabic and not be fearful of making mistakes. Wonderful learning environment and I was lucky enough to be matched with a teacher who best suited my needs and without a doubt, she helped me exceed my goals/targets and I could not be happier. Phenomenal experience at Wafid. The staff went out of their way to ensure I was happy and comfortable. Always kemp me well-informed. Everyone is professional, helpful, empathetic, sincere, and involved. My teacher is always prepared, enthusiastic, and brilliant. All the events, trips, and activities were well-planned, enjoyable, and suitable to the needs of students.

Ayesha S.
South Africa

Wafid staff is dedicated and friendly. My teacher is very encouraging and always in a good mood, his teaching methodology was excellent.

ِAssad S.

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic – Abdullah

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic – MHD Haris

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic – Zabi

Wafid Arabic Institute is an exceptional, characterized by a committed and enthusiastic staff who go above and beyond to ensure a first class learning and cultural experience in Jordan. Moreover, my teacher, was a phenomenal educator who not only engaged me with a challenging intensive Arabic curriculum, but who also inspired me to go further and push my limits.

D. M.

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Didier

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Katia

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Noureddine

Wafid Institute Testimonial: Learn Arabic - Pticem

I highly recommend Wafid Institute for their seriousness and professionalism. They are using a good method for teaching Arabic and the team is just amazing. During my last training in last December they really taught us a lot and they took care of my group as a family. Thank you Wafid Institute!!!!!

Samia N.

Hi everyone, My name is Ibtissam, I’m from France, and I’d like to share with you my experience in Jordan with the Wafid Arabic Institute. I spent three months studying Arabic in Jordan with Wafid, and was able to visit many places and explore the country during the program. I’m very happy to have had this opportunity to visit this country and to study Arabic there. It’s actually an amazing country and the people are very welcoming! The country is amazing because it’s very different from the north, south, east, and west. There is a huge cultural history and so many nice places to visit.
But I’m also happy about my Arabic lessons with Wafid Arabic institute. The thing is, before this program I had had very few Arabic lessons, so I was quite amazed to make so much progress in such a short time. I’d really advise everyone of you to come to Jordan with Wafid Arabic Institute to take Arabic lessons with them!

Pticem B.

Generally speaking, everything was nice, we had diverse and very rewarding activities, Wafid staff cared about us and was very open with us. I really enjoyed this trip and I am returning to France being able to understand, to read and to write in Arabic.

Anouar A.

I had already studied Arabic in France but I didn’t manage to learn anything.
With my teacher at Wafid in only few days I was able to read words and to speak a little bit. I am very satisfied with the Wafid program. Thank you very much my teacher, Farah!

Katia K.

To me, this linguistic trip to Jordan was a beautiful experience, especially because it allowed me to practice and communicate in Arabic (even if my Arabic was not perfect, people understood me!) whereas before coming to Jordan I was unable to speak Arabic at all.

Ikram A.

I am very satisfied. The teachers are very competent. I really appreciate the unlimited commitment of the teachers, as well as that of the Language Partners of the Wafid staff, who gave us the opportunity to practice the Arabic language.

Azouaou A.

After a 7 year break from Arabic lessons, this program is to me a good way to review and to go back to my Arabic course this year. Very interesting visits and unforgettable experience and the motivation and the commitment of Wafid staff are present during the whole program.

Walid B.

I really enjoy discovering Jordan and its language! Very committed and motivated staff, I am very pleased to have discovered this amazing country. The idea of language partners was excellent!

Amandine G.

I had a very pleasant language trip with a wide range of activities. They also had a very caring and welcoming Staff.

Sabrina H.

I am eager to come back to Amman. The human relationships are of very good quality (I am referring to the Jordanian family lunch invitation plus the invitation at the farm, where we took the class plus had a lot of fun and activities). I am also thinking about the night we spent under the stars at Wadi Rum. All those moments were opportunities to have a break and to listen to each other.
For the Arabic language course, I know that Wafid is doing the best to satisfy each one of us. I am really grateful to them.

Samia H.

I am very satisfied with my experience at Wafid Institute, I found out about Wafid on the internet and I hadn’t heard about the program before, I took a chance and I do think it paid off. The Wafid institute family was very welcoming. They treated me help like family, they always tried to help me with any issues or problem I had. They are honest and hardworking team and truly invested in the students program.
Special thanks to my teacher for his patience with me during our private lessons. He is a very lovely and animated teacher with a passion that he communicates to his students!
I enjoy our discussion on Arabic culture. My teacher always gives me insight on Arabic culture and the way it is connected to the language. He inspires me to make the connection between words by exploring its root; he has shown me the beauty of the language

Fatima Siwaju
PhD Candidate at Princeton University in USA

My trip to Jordan exceeded all my expectations! It’s a beautiful country with extremely friendly people who take pride in honoring their guests. I truly enjoyed visiting these massive monuments with rich histories behind them. The staff at Wafid took exceptional care of us during our stay. The classes were  handled by competent teachers who understood the needs of the students. I highly recommend this institute. I’m planning on returning with my friends to do an extensive course with Wafid

Didier Fournier

Wafid Institute offers an immersive experience for students with not only educated and caring teachers who are committed to their students knowledge of the Arabic language, but also great excursions and adventures which highlight the beauty of the Arab world.

Overall, I definitely recommend Wafid Institute to any student who wants a more gratifying experience than simply learning Arabic in a classroom.

Sameer E.

Noureddine BELHOUT President FSIP, France

Wafid Institute is a very serious establishment, highly professional and well-organized. Since short time we have been partnering with them in the Arabic language program, the program and related activities and trips have been very successful (alhamdulillah)! Please check our website and Facebook page for more details.
Try working with Wafid Institute and we guarantee you will not be disappointed at all, rather they will exceed your expectations!

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