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Wafid Arabic institute offers special online Arabic programs, suitable for all levels and ages. This service targets those who cannot fly to Jordan to enjoy our programs. Wafid programs can now come to you!

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Why one should learn other Languages?

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt around knowledge of languages other than their mother tongue? Over the years, I’ve received plenty of reasons to learn a different language. But, I used to make excuses for myself. Before I became interested in Arabic. I can list a hundred reasons why everyone should learn a new language. Every…

Language Learning Tips and Tricks

In order to better understand Arabic, there are a few hacks every Arabic learner agrees on; today we bring them to you to improve your journey with Arabic. First tip: be present When learning Arabic, it is helpful to not think too far ahead. The Arabic language is a sea of vocabulary, where there are…

Understanding Jordan: Dead Sea

One too many times in our life, we always want to have a list of things that we will like to do before we die, every person has one long and elaborate bucket list of things to see and do before it is too late. Most of those lists are more about visiting and discovering…

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